Wednesday Discernment Link: On Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Direction

By | Dec 16, 2009

Normally, the links I post are to an entire website or blog. This week, I want to point to one particular post on a blog. Aimee Milburn Cooper is a convert to the Roman Catholic Faith, and her blog, Historical Christian, talks about various aspects of the faith. I found one post to be especially […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Catholic Vocation Podcasts

By | Dec 9, 2009

While Catholic Vocation Podcasts hasn’t been updated recently, it has almost 2 years of podcasts in the archives.  While most of the interviews are with priests, there are a few there with nuns.  Regardless, you’ll probably find them all interesting. Catholic Vocation Podcasts Do you have a discernment link to suggest?  Just leave a comment, […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Aggie Catholics

By | Nov 11, 2009

Yes, I admit it…I’m an Aggie. I spent 5 years at Texas A&M University, and that is where I was baptized into the Catholic Church. Their student center was always very active, but now they have a very strong vocational discernment program, and a nice website to go with it. So, please give them a […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Nuts and Bolts of Vocation Discernment

By | Jan 21, 2009

This week I found a great podcast called The Nuts and Bolts of Vocation Discernment.  The podcast seems to run every few weeks without a set schedule, but they already have been running for one and a half years, sponsored by the Diocese of Albany.  If you are listening in when the podcast takes place, […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Deo est Gloria

By | Oct 29, 2008

This week’s recommended site is Deo est Gloria, a directory of Roman Catholic communities around the world.  While I am quite proud of the collection of sites we have for women’s communities in the United States, I often get requests for similar information for men, and for men and women around the world.  Deo est […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Benedictine On-line Retreat

By | Oct 22, 2008

If you are pursueing a vocation, one of the primary questions to answer is the type of spirituality that attracts you.  If you want to learn more about Benedictine Spirituality, here’s your chance to go to a retreat without even leaving your home. God’s Delightful Voice: A Benedictine Spirituality On-Line Retreat This eight part retreat includes […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Spiritual Direction

By | Oct 15, 2008

This week’s discernment link comes to us from the Diocese of Ottawa’s website. Their website is minimal, to say the least, but it has some bright kernels of information in it. One of those kernels is a page about Spiritual Direction and Vocational Discernment. It’s a plain text page and a bit hard to read […]

Wednesday Discerntment Link: A Guide to Religious Ministries

By | Oct 8, 2008

Previously only a print document, often called the Blue Book, Religious Ministries has expanded to a website. Religious Ministries is probably the most comprehensive listing of Roman Catholic religious communties in the United States.  They list not only those communities that have an on-line presence, but all communities in the US.  Listings include “diocesan vocation […]

Wednesday Discernment Link: Phatmass

By | Aug 27, 2008

While the site isn’t technically about discernment, they do have a fairly active vocation section in the forums.  This site caters mostly to the younger crowd, but I’ve heard you can find a few folks over 30 there. I know I have some Phatmassers who read here.  Want to tell us a bit more about […]

Wednesday Discernment Ling – A Nun’s Life

By | Jul 30, 2008

I’m pretty sure that I have this blog listed on my list of Nun Blog’s, but I think it bears highlighting.  Sister Julie has quite a lot of information up besides the blog, so be sure to check out her side pages as well.  Sister Julie writes in a forthright manner about a wide range […]

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