Wednesday Discernment Link: On Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Direction

By | Dec 16, 2009

Normally, the links I post are to an entire website or blog. This week, I want to point to one particular post on a blog.

Aimee Milburn Cooper is a convert to the Roman Catholic Faith, and her blog, Historical Christian, talks about various aspects of the faith. I found one post to be especially apropos for Consecrated Life: On Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Direction.

Ms. Cooper responds to questions from a reader with some very good advice for pursuing vocational discernment with some especially good advice on finding a good spiritual director. While I don’t believe that only priests make good spiritual directors, her advice on finding a good director really applies to anyone: their devoutness during the Mass and their ability as a confessor. While, of course, only Priests can hear confessions, trust me when I say you’ll be telling your Spiritual Director any number of things you’ve never told another soul, and you want someone who will hear you, listen deeply, and advise with compassion, honesty, and, most of all, sincere faith.

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