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By | Dec 8, 2008

Learning the Art of Discernment
I first read Weeds Among the Wheat, by Thomas Green, SJ, early in my discernment of religious life. I had first read his book, Opening to God, and found it so helpful, I purchased several of his other books.

Weeds Among the Wheat is a book specifically about discernment. As in Opening to God, Green writes simply of a profound subject, how to discern God’s word for us in our lives. How to hear His voice.

Every day we are inundated with stimuli. Television, books, newspapers, radio, internet, friends, family, coworkers, pastors. How do we, among the cacophany, hear that small, still voice that tells us His plan.

After each chapter, Father Green offers exercises to help us learn the art of discernment. These exercises can have a profound impact on the development of our spirituality and on how we act upon the message of God leading us forward.

“Where Prayer and Action Meet”
Our discernment should always lead to decisions and actions. That, after all, is what discernment is all about. Discernment isn’t something that we do once and then never think about again. Discernment is something we do every day, day in and day out. Every decision we make should be discerned in light of our beliefs. Weeds Among the Wheat can help us all to learn how discernment functions so that we can continue to discern God’s path for us throughout our lives.

This is a book that is valuable not just for those discerning religious life, not just Catholics, and not even just Christians. It is an important book for anyone who is discerning any decision in their lives according to their beliefs.

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