Thursday Discernment Discussion: Contemplative or Apostolic

By | Nov 20, 2008



I was inspired to introduce another category to the blog here:  Thursday Discernment Discussion.

Each Thursday I will post a topic for discussion.  I was surfing the net earlier this week, and saw a question on Wiki Answers about the difference between Contemplative and Apostolic orders.

The basic difference between Contemplative and Apostolic orders is in what they consider their primary work.  For contemplatives, their primary work is prayer.  For apostolics, their primary work is the mission of the order, whether in healthcare, teaching, social justice, providing for the poor, etc.

So, if you are discerning religious life, what type of order are you looking into?  Are you more interested in the Contemplative or the Apostolic life?  What attracts you about the one, and what turns you away from the other?  Let’s get a rousing discussion going.

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