Friday Community Highlight: Santa Rita Abbey

By | Oct 17, 2008

This week’s Community Highlight is:

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist look of the nun’s website.  This Cistercian community has a wealth of information about their life and about their prayer.  Be sure to click on every link, because there are links on sub-pages that you won’t see otherwise, and those sub-sites have the best information.

Some highlights include:

  • The link, Spiritual Craft, has some wonderful information on Lectio as practiced by the nuns.  There are four pages under Spiritual Craft, so be sure to check all of them.
  • Under Monastic Life, the nuns talk about the Gifts of their day to day life.  In talking about the Gift of Community, they say, “We have come to seek God. In that shared belief and longing we are deeply bonded. But we are not clones of one another. God has picked our sisters for us. Each is an instrument of the Spirit, the Spirit who is drawing each individually and all as a community into the baffling mystery of God.”  Is there a more perfect way to describe the life of community?
  • Under Vocations, I liked that they include as one of the requirements for their life “A well-developed sense of humor”.  Many people seem to have this view of nuns a dour, overly serious women.  I know from experience that nothing could be further than the truth.  Most nuns I’ve met are joyous women who take each day as it comes with love and humor.
  • Finally, if you are interested in a Retreat, the nuns have accommodations.

Visit the website of the Cistercian Nuns of Santa Rita Abbey.

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