Video Monday

By | Mar 31, 2008

I’ll start of with a video of the Cistercian Nuns at Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin. It’s a beautiful slide show with the nuns singing in the background.

So, what can you expect?

By | Mar 31, 2008

Now that I’ve added a blog to the site, you’re probably wondering what I’ll use it for. Well, I thought I’d highlight some of the information I’ve been sharing with you for the last….how long has it been?  8 years?  Somewhere around there, anyway. So, here’s the format I’ll be using.  I hope to update […]

Welcome to the updated Consecrated Life!

By | Mar 30, 2008

As you can see, quite a few changes have been made.  There will be more in the offing. The retreat pages have been deleted as I just don’t have time to keep it updated.  I still need to transfer over the links pages, but all of the community links pages have been transferred over.  Some […]

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